Love Lab is excited to announce our very first visual novel license, LAMUNATION! International Version, coming Q1 2019!

Come kick back at the Cherry Crown Diner in Saint Aria with your twin sister Corona, childhood friend Lamune, and the twins Rayla & Iris. There’s never a dull day in this city of magic and memes!

LAMUNATION! International Version will feature the following:

  • All-ages version plus a free 18+ patch
  • Full Japanese voice acting
  • Memes
  • Japanese, Chinese and English text
  • More memes
  • An awesome 80’s-inspired soundtrack
  • A rubber duckie
  • Did we mention memes???

And now for a message from the brains behind the game, Ikuhiko Sato of developer Prototype:

Sup homies!

I’m hella excited to bring this super exciting and emotional Japanese visual novel to the world.

Released in Japan in June 2016, it’s a cheery, fun, cool, and kinda crazy—but always positive—love story set in the fictional city of Saint Aria and featuring Lamune (Japanese traditional soda pop), a custom sports car, and a rubber duckie.

It’s the perfect VN for anyone looking for scintillating heroines, fast-paced action, cartoon comedy, retro 80’s disco music, and a bit of yoga… and even if you’re not into any of those things, I’d still totally recommend it!

It’s been two years since the game was released, but Japanese players are still talking about it, so I’m sure you’re all gonna love it too.

And Japanese fans who’ve already played it can use the English version for language study! (Be careful, you might not wanna use this stuff in everyday conversation! – Meru)

With love,

Ikuhiko Sato a.k.a kepposhi

Stay tuned for further info, character profiles, and more, COMING SOON!

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